Our Beers

Hugo’s Lager is a Pilsner style lager brewed with the finest of Irish lager malt, saaz hops and German lager yeast that produces a fresh crispness with a pleasant aroma that will linger with every mouthful.

Bills Red Ale is brewed with 100% Irish ale malt, Munich malt, caramels and chocolate malt which gives the beer slight caramel and chocolate tones, together with hops like Columbus, Summit and Nugget to impart an aromatic, spicy and herbal aroma with a clean finish, which makes this beer an interesting experience.

Balbec IPA is an interesting mixture of hops giving this beer a spicy, floral and grapefruit character with a clean balanced bitterness. Thus combined with the finest pale malt, flaked oats, cara and Munich malt makes this beer a desirable thirst quenching, flavoursome beer.

Abbey Stout is brewed with the finest of ingredients. We have combined hops with a hint of fruitiness and slightly dry crispiness with chocolate malted barley, to give smooth, chocolatey caramel tones, that will stay with you long after the last mouthful.