Welcome to JJ’s Craft Brewing Company Ltd.

Limerick’s first craft brewing company

JJ’s Craft Brewing Company Ltd. was established with a simple philosophy in mind and that is to produce premium crafted beers full of aromas and flavours that can be enjoyed by all. Taste and enjoy! JJ’s Craft Brewing Company Ltd. endeavours to use the best of Irish ingredients where possible.

Meet the brewers

John Coughlan has been working in the engineering business for over 30 years and has gained a vast knowledge in the brewing business. His current project management role entails costing, installing & commissioning brewing projects around Ireland.

John has previously designed, installed & commissioned microbreweries around Ireland over the last number of years and continue to service this sector on an ongoing basis.
John has been brewing for the last 4 years from a 50 litre system which he both designed & built.

Jim Lynch has extensive experience in the food & beverage industry and has a wide range of skills through design of process systems, installation of process & packaging equipment & the maintaining of all types of equipment in the brewing industry.

Jim has been involved in the installation of a number of craft breweries in Cork as well as Tom Creans in Dingle, in addition Jim has worked in larger breweries such as Beamish & Crawford, Smithwicks in Kilkenny & Bulmer’s in Clonmel